Don't You just HATE fumbeling through all those paperback "TYPE" manuals? Sure, they have all the information you need, but that's only "IF" you have ALL of the manuals! And then, only to tune up just one radio you must switch back and forth between several of these manuals. This is very, very, time consuming. Not to mention, it's just a pain in the neck.


Well, I have found a solution for myself, and decided to share with everybody. I have organized a huge amount of information that I have collected over the years, and placed the most useful information in a fashion to be able to POINT and CLICK for the tune up info for ALMOST EVERY SOLID STATE CB RADIO EVER MADE! Both 40 and 23 channel, AM/FM and SSB rigs! Also included is an extremely huge amount of mike wiring info (Wire almost any mike to any radio), CB Modifications (frequency expansions, clarifier slides, open mod limiters), and even some information for building your own base station antenna.


This is NOT just another "info" CD with a bunch of plain old text files all jumbled together on a disk. This is a disc that contains high resolution diagrams, charts, and even photographs that makes your tasks so much easier, and all you need to do is just pop the disc into your CD/DVD-ROM drive , and within seconds you are USING that information you need the most "RIGHT AWAY"! There is NO fancy software to install on your computer that might clutter your Hard Drive. Everything is self contained and runs directly from the CD.

Also included on this CD-ROM a copy of the VERY popular program.

Do you want to know which scanner radios are the "good ones"? Would you like know how to make them even better? Many useful features of your scanner may be disabled at the factory, and could possibly be restored with simple tools and common parts available at your local electronics store.


To avoid postage/handling charges and international trade restrictions this item is offered as a download in .ISO CD image format. If you have a CD burner and a blank CD-ROM disc you will be using your information in NO time. Don't worry if your CD burner software does not include .ISO burning capabilities, because we offer free software for this also, directly from this website. Absolutly nothing to install on your computer. Just Click & Burn.


I have been offering this information for years from this web-site and, I now have hundreds of VERY satisfied customers (and good friends). I hope you will be next!


This download is now offered on a donations basis only. Please understand that these files are VERY large (Almost 1GB) and will require a broadband Internet connection to complete. Because of the size of the files please be generous with your donation. This money helps pay for the high cost of bandwidth to keep this site alive.


Your help is VERY appreciated.